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Can U Stop your Self !!

How can we stop our self ? from expecting something.For me it's truely impossible. People say that when u stop expecting something, U would be happy !! In such case then, what are scientists doing ? Miss World and Miss Universe pageants doing ? what are flim stars doing ? if they weren't expecting something from life, would they be achiveing something in life. I dont think so !!Then How can we stop expecting ?? At every phase of our life, we expect something. May be that is the reason we work so hard, to achive something in our lives. But once u achive it, u expect more....he he ...!!It May be ' For Someone ' or ' From Someone ' we Expect Right.While expecting " For someone " no harm raises. But expecting " From someone " There u go, the main problem raises. U Cry, U Hurturself,Ur heart dosent allow u to be happy, because u were expecting and when that dosent happen, trust me it badly hurts. Each and every person has to pass through this pha…