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plums, coffee almond fudge, chicken & a surprise!

This is the first time, i have ever tried a plum.

Very costly, 4 plums costed me around 135rs/- off...i say worth a try; specially loved the onion shaded luv.

week-end reads with a coffee flavored coffee almond fudge. yumm..

Red Magazine is the My city Vizag's local magazine.  

Last month august they did cover a special edition of all the popular Local RJ's @ all Radio Stations. 

My mom & i was surprised to see this. Peek a -boo!

 My mom was really happy of me being an individual. which was for me, the actual surprise. I always wanted to do what i am good at. I never wanted to be somebody, always wanted to be me, rather than getting married. which my father never cared (the silence still continues since 7years..). I have seen the hard days very badly since i was 19 being on my own. paying my college fee, working part time, events, Radio Mirchi :). But today am a happy soul, am happy that mom-the-sexy-is-happy. I love you mom for allowing the dream that u so wanted to be as an individual.  Great week-end every one.!

P.S :- I still remember the days of my first interview with sharat chandra ji & sunita. Followed by my training at aurangabad - mentors tapas, sapna, indira, ajaymunjal & revathi, arvind. (they are really special and i would thank them for what am today!)

(all images by Me!)


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(all images by me!)