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On Chennai streets

Though it was an official trip, managed to pull out time :p.  This beauty will turn into a stunning jewellery piece. More of TERRACOTTA jewellery here. street shopping @chennai chunky shopping, while munching away chocolate cookies Chennai famous Muragan idli + uttapam my morning yummy break fast street art in india. chennai. was in heaven while i stepped in a shop filled with jute bags. colourful chappal and small street walks. my mornings were beautiful what more on earth than perfect coffee do i need. Even after everything. Nothing beats home, my hand some TIGER. Back to the normal a bit of crazy lazy life. For a change i like the way it is.  xoxo

(all pics through my galaxy note via Instagram @sreebindu)

Made Samosa's in the dark.

do you like samosa's?. I wish i could show you the filling, it is gorgeously filled with beetroot and coconut curry. Now let me take you through my adventure of making samosa's in the dark. First issue was the one hour current cut everyday. As soon as my raw samosa was ready current cut. Waiting one hour was out of question!. I was so dam hungry, Mom and i couldn't wait so we thought let's fry these babies. By the time current was back the samosa's were in my stomach :D xoxo

(all images by me.)

Good Week-ends.

yeh!, September is here. Winters are going to enter soon, feels like 2012 is just melting like a dark chocolate ice-cream over a sizzling brownie. Since this week yoga is on hold with the hectic conversations and loads of work, sweet treats and seasonal indulgence is on. To admit, am in love with the quality smiles spent with the loved ones am with. looks like September is sexy!. looking forward for the Indian cricket teams performance in my city.  Cheers! to a good sexy week-end. xoxo

(all pics through my galaxy note via Instagram @sreebindu)