Laughing Buddha.

after a really long day, here am with some new reads in my life. In case your are new to this space, you should know that recently i have discovered the joy in reading. 
My first read ever was "My way is the highway" by Urvashi Gulia. 
followed by my second magical title "Can love happen Twice" by Ravinder Singh.
do let me know your favourite read so far? 

(images by me.)


loved ur post :)
& i must say am a die hard fan of Ravinder singh... I too had a love story and Can Love happen twice was simply awesome... :) :)
Back home I also have a smiling Buddha :), always gives me such a good mood.
borka gamero said…
Love your laughing buhda!
want one !!! happy week doll!
deeps said…
an RJ beginning to show interest in books... good for your listeners i guess :)
Irfanuddin said…
reading is always good and there is nothing better if you can find what you like most to keep on reading.
Dilan Dilir said…
It was a really long time ago since I read a great book.. :(

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