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Now & then been thinking.

of the time spent on weekend. It was special and out and out fun.  Wish it bounces back soon by next Saturday , either way this week started full on hectic mood, busy , tension, frustration, ha...!! It Pissed me so bad that by accident instead of publishing the comments for the butter-nut squash recipe post, deleted them :(, dam pissed by me.  No idea, how could i recover them!!!. By the way Just wanted to say thank u for those who have taken out their time :) May be this is the reason for the bad mood. Any way I am hating today. xoxo

(images by my bb9780)

Taste of Sweet Butter-nut Squash Curry.

Yes. Some time's on a Sunday, I do love to cook. This time it is Teepi Gummadi kayi Pulusu (english translation is the post-tile).  This curry is my mom-the-sexy's simple south Indian version. I generally do not understand the language of measuring and cooking, really get confused if i start measuring. Amma, i meant my mom says always go by your instinct, estimated amount. some time's it works for an amateur most of the time it fails. but experience always works. The curry came out really delicious. Tastes best with white Rice.

The Ingredients used are : Sweet Butter-nut Squash.JaggeryTamarind JuicechilliesOnionssaltturmericRed chilli powderOil As the process is already in the pictures, the process of the recipe would be this way  with measurements.  Hope you enjoyed my small journey in my kitchen. Thank you for Joining me for the moment. It is fun isn't it. xoxo

(all images by me.)

Early hours & night thoughts.

Isn't it the gorgeous view. honestly it was shot by my sis, the timing seems just right. Thought would post it early this morning but time; it just a tread mill and ask us to run. day went hectic and just home enjoying my fav series supernatural on star world India. I know some people like my mom-the-sexy find weird that i actually enjoy  supernatural. Undoubtedly it's because of the winchester boys, Jensen ackles & Jared padalecki (dean and sammy's characters). The timing of dean is just knock out.Though am scared, I admit that i enjoy a lot, the demon breaking stuff.   ok!! I can go on, time to go bed.  xoxo

New addiction these days.

is neither caffeine nor chocolate. It is YOGA. Have i fallen in love with it ? or the stretches or the spaces where i feel really comfortable and energetic far away from tensions, stress, unwanted mess. Looks like Yoga is my new addiction. Any thing new in life? exciting? like me.
p.s : love the new promo of yoga city in ndtv good times.  xoxo  

(video: source)

Loads of hard work for a single moment.

one of my buddies is an event organizer, who is been really working hard for swetha and Krishna's wedding from a week. yesterday was the wedding and look at the work he has done. bloody bright & beautiful =). Yes this is how a south Indian wedding is supposed to like. Since the request from him was to cover the wedding and the details. Hope I have covered decent enough. fingers cross, though loads of pics has been clicked, shared few of them.  xoxo

Sometimes's on a Sunday.

Today it's just cloudy, shady and lazy. Am still in my bed trying to sleep for a while.  hate the period of certain time every month we girls face. Sick! It ache's. any way got to divert my self. let's dive in my dvd collection. what do you generally do to divert yourself.? from a sick mode. xoxo

(all images by Sis.)

The joy full kiss

may be the lick. don't go by his face. The naughty one. xoxo

(all images by me!)

Sometime's on a Sunday.

you fall in love with the feel of love over and over.  wish things never change, more amount of coffee conversations remain and a simple life is lead.  Life never gives us the dreamy drama life we expect, but surely gives us a chance to make the most out of it. sometime's we got to realize that present is everything and tomorrow can never bring today. future is always written but present seems particular on the decisions we make. decisions in life seems deadly difficult tasks, but we got to make one. standing for some, trusting some one, keeping the word, understanding, making things happen or at least trying for the love. Every thing would happen or imagine would happen only by the decision we got to make. which  I think should happen naturally, because a forcible relation never works. my thoughts on a Sunday xoxo

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