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Happy Memories that always make you Smile.

Gautam || My-self || Kalyani || Harish ||
Once up on a time we all used to work together, these pictures were way back taken in 2007, location Araku Valley. One of the best tourism destinations in my city vizag.  A few memories from my archives. Now though, we all  belong to different professions different companies , we are still in touch through silly funny sms. Time flies, especially when your best friend is beside you, my best of the best times of my life were captured.  Fighting, laughing, eating  doing all the crazy stuff. Miss them. Love them all =) remember the best times xoxo

Pizza never tasted so Good.

I had pizza before, but it never tasted so good. May be because of the time spent with loved ones is making me say that.  Any pizza favorites ?? topping combinations??  Hope your a sexy Saturday with a bang and loads of love like me. loving the time for the moment.  xoxo

(Images by my galaxy note)

Drama in Life.

While you can discover a huge drama @ weather in my city , scary lighting, winds and unexpected rains.
For the moment, am i going through a lot of drama? partially have to say yes.
The drama from parents, the ultimate idiotic question at this age. when are u getting married!!! (who knows!)
The drama of an excuse to be sad when they are actually darn serious :p
The drama of diet to avoid crispy deep fried chicken :-(
The drama of not feeling well for an extra hour sleep :)
The drama, when u know u have loads of work to do and no idea how to end it.
drama between sadness and shopping, chocolates and stress all time favorite sections in our lives.
don't u agree?? Have you ever been through the drama factor in your life?

(images by sissy : Nikon L120)

Summer Rains & A Silly Poem.

Days have been really busy. Miss blogging, happy hours of my life. But my little sis never misses to get the laugh out of a stress-full day. The other day, i received a message from her!  -
Now hummh..on with me on a tune.
 Here goes.. Inky Pinky Ponky Message reader is a donkey. Reader very angry. Sender very happy. Sender smiles Reader cries, Inky pinky ponky. ha ha ha..:-)
she could be such a cheese!! Imagine. xoxo

(images by sissy : Nikon L120)