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Just being honest with you.

Am Home alone. I should be on cloud 9 enjoying the moment, truth is am not. Mom is off to her native place to meet her mom & am terribly terribly missing her. Home is not just home with out mom. After work, if am home early, she is the reason that am running home early, to cook with her, chat with her, watch some awesome cooking shows with her. Master-chef-master-class fav. As am watching it alone. Now  I am missing her even more : ( xoxo

(all images by my Nikon L120)

Mom said, darn delicious. start cooking.

Yes, I made that. actually cooked to impress mom the last week-end. Target achieved. This is the first time ever in my life mom-the-sexy said start cooking. Oh! The Excitement, almost forgot to name the recipe.  The Vegetable is called Potals in Telugu. Pointed gourd in English. The fry i cooked is called Potals Fry. Easy, crisp and simple. 
Ingredients for Potals Fry :  500gms Potals chopped.One tea spoon ZeeraOne tea spoon mustardone tea spoon salt1/2 tea spoon turmeric or just a pinch for colorpinch of red chilli powder.2 green chillies2 dry Red chilliesa few curry leavesOne large Onion. 4 large garlic cloves smashed1 table spoon grated ginger1/2 cup of freshly grated coconut.dry roasted peanuts.oil to fry.Process to fry it off : Take a fry pan on medium heat with 4-5table spoons of oil (used sunflower oil), you can use olive or veg oil. First mustard seed in, followed by zeera, red chillies,curry leaves, grated ginger and smashed garlic, once you start smelling the tempering add the…

Enjoying the left over Cake.

So, this was look of my b'day on June 9Th. Simple traditional white chudidar with long sleeves and a bandini duppata. Though, ocean blue is my favorite color white color  appeals me a lot. A chocolate cake surprise by buddies, a piece of it was to die for, decadent, indulging, heaven. Cheers, sharing some :). 

P.S: Nothing better than having a chocolate filled piece of cake for breakfast. agree?! xoxo

(Images by my galaxy note)

A Sweet week-end & A New look.

Always did speak about my beach, now look at the fresh waves @ R.K.beach road. Fresh pasta with white sauce, yum. yogurt in a clay pot always leaves you with a sweet feel, got to face the heat wave though. 42 degrees! This one is a cute Rasmalai with saffron, popular Indian desert, followed by chocolate chips. doing good?. Though it really wasn't a long weekend, some of the time spent was just perfect .  thoughts on my new blog look? xoxo

(Images by my galaxy note)