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We are going to have a peachy conversation ;)

For the first time ever in my life, i tried a peach. Frankly, eating raw no i did not like it; but when i poached the peach and made a dessert in sugar syrup with cinnamon stick, it was delicious. In my city Vizag we rarely discover such fruits, Used to always drool over my idiot box, meant TV; when ever Nigella used to cooks peaches. Now hear am cooking my own dessert. does this mean a peachy conversation?. hmmm..
Ingridients :  2-3 Peaches.Cup of water3 tea spoon of sugar. (not a sweet tooth, you can add 2-3 table spoons)half cinnamon stickFirst poach the peach in boiling water, remove the skin. In my case i didn't. Then add a large cup of water to pan. add cinnamon and then sugar, as you can see the sugar crystals disappear, add the poached pear & let it cook until the pear soaks the flavor and become soft and tender. You can serve it Vanilla Ice- cream hot or cold. I don't know why, this happens every time. I am too much excited when ever i cook something.  Is it weird? …

One week instantly & the other weak...

i was sick, the reason for being off from blogging. Just not in a mood to go through the sickness process again.  Any how, recovering from food poisoning, malaria, vomiting ah! what not!!. Any way am back and life seems to smile :). Mom is back from her native place with a labour dog.

one and half month old. We named it TIGER. loving him is the only agenda. Am on instagram @sreebindu. Do join me just saying ;) xoxo

(images through my anroid instagram)