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My Mini-trip to Mumbai!

Yes! This lazy bum was off to mumbai on a three day training trip by gregalder. Trust me it was super fun and exciting, New learning experiences are always bang on. The main focus was on trying something new and man, was try something new fun, oh yah!!. It was! realized coffee and cornflakes miss match. Sreebindu that is me and books match. In case you didn't know i hate holding a book in the hand and reading for hours, never fall into the book readers category, after giving it a shot, bookstore and books are on my list. The journey of book reading begun with my way is the highway by urvashi gulia a funky girl slamming the bosses door is off on a adventure. by the way how was mumbai experience? Since the Monsoons were on; the camera was on the off mode, Never missing the famous street food of mumbai vada pav, masala poha, these were a few highlights of my trip. That's all for now, thank you for joining me for a while :)
p.s : girls and shopping match bought 2 pairs of flats f…

loving the space for the moment.

As am typing this right away am enjoying the glass of citrus juice that you are looking at. Today i really wanted to blog saying that i was smiling while i was extracting the juice. do such things happen? yes. weird but it did happen today. May be am loving the space i was surrounded or the food is making me happy. Never before i felt the calmness and bliss in my life, looks like yoga is really really turning me into an individual and make me do things that i find happiness in. I was enjoying my stretches today and this drink for  the moment. Am happy, may be this is life and being happy matters. somebody said just do the routine, life has big plans for you. Be happy in each and every thing you do. Did i say about the new show am glued right now on TLC, The good cook. loving the half-an-hour slot. Week-days 10pm. do let me know the food or the space you are loving for the moment. hugs! xoxo

(all pics through my galaxy note via Instagram @sreebindu)


Happening update on Me and life ♥ is that last week-end was super energetic performing on stage celebrating Friendship day with more than 70,000 people on a stage, it was mad but, it blew me away. I was on the top of the world sharing the joy with so many of them. I love my Job. I love being an RJ. xoxo

(all pics through my galaxy note via Instagram @sreebindu)