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2 pets and Cyclone.

In case you didn't know, i have two 2 pets one is the above one Jooly and the other one is pet can look over the tiger pictures here. These both boys hate each other, when it is food time mom-the-sexy feels the cyclone effect !!.  out and out entertainment the way they bark or speak at each other. For now the cyclone effect is around the coastal area in vizag and it is raining dam heavily in vizag. Hope everything is safe around you. xoxo

(images by me.)

Winters, lemon buds, colours.

Right now a cup of lemon tea sounds absolutely perfect. xoxo

(images by me.)

Red Chilli Conversations.

Sometimes on a sunday, i love a bit of heat in my breakfast. Mom is making akka south indian Andhra Pulihora. So yumm!! I have been working back to back all week, hosting shows, ah!! Though i have to rush back for the show by evening, it's time to unwind. Since my favourite season winters have entered the city, time for chilli food and conversations. oh! may be a bit of some cookery shows too :)). Have a good day. xoxo

(all images by me.)

New Changes and New Tomatoes.

just waiting for it to ripe yumm.. blooming tomato flowers, changing in to tomatoes.  those hands feed me the most most most, delicious food in life - my-mom-the-sexy. Since we have spoken about tomatoes, now lets chat about the New change in my life. my new haircut . which make me smile and be happy :)). Somehow, i find  a hair cut is the biggest and the hardest change u can really make; when u really need that fresh feel, quite after sometime. agree??!!. xoxo

(images by me.)

An Auspicious Trip in my City

The first place you are going through is Madhavadhara, The Place i Live in Mountains. The second place , am going to walk through is Simhachalam. You can look over the history here. when ever i get a chance, i never ever miss to visit Narsimha swami temple. Somehow he calms me down. there are extremely no thoughts at all surfing my mind, when ever i visit Simhachalam. Some of my best buddies were in town, Bharathi, Anamika and Prem co-radio jocks. Next Time when you visit my city - the city of destiny vizag, make sure u take out time to visit the sacred place Simhachalam. The place that makes u feel precious, you would know when u visit. xoxo

(images by me.)

Magical Moments.

Some moments are really really magical in our lives. We unknowingly fall in love. xoxo

(images by me.)