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Laughing Buddha.

after a really long day, here am with some new reads in my life. In case your are new to this space, you should know that recently i have discovered the joy in reading.  My first read ever was "My way is the highway" by Urvashi Gulia.  followed by my second magical title "Can love happen Twice" by Ravinder Singh. do let me know your favourite read so far?  xoxo

(images by me.)

Wedding Season.

It is the season of weddings and these pics were taken last Sunday from one of my friends wedding theme, he was working for a client's wedding!. Life has been really busy. Watched "Life of  Pi ", wao :) amazing effects loved the way story has been narrated. Must watch. wishing you a sexy sunday!. xoxo

(images by me.)

Lights Camera Action. Diwali!

My new dress, this diwali :) sissy trying not to be messy, getting ready to light diya's for diwali. Diwali Diya holders. Gifts. Crackers yay!! performing diwali puja. Dinner time with family. dad and sis. So this is how, my Diwali cracked me. The most quality time spent. sis was home for diwali and mom made some yummy food items. My fav part of the meal was pulihora, plain dal, Mango pickle with white rice yumm. xoxo

(all images by me, 2 and 8 pic by sis.)

I need some space.

There are so many things I need to do in my life, so much to travel, so much to capture, fall in love, enjoy cooking new recipes, all that and responsibilities. Time doesn't permit or the problem is I have to make time. make time for yourself this weekend. Have a sexy saturday! Wishing Happy Diwali to each one of you =). xoxo

(images by me.)

Plucking, Clicking!

While mom-the-sexy plucks away the waste grass from the pots, i enjoy capturing the colours. Wishing you a happy weekend. xoxo

(images by me.)