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Week-End Mash Up!!

Phew!! I hated when he touched my hair, almost in tears, & vola! New Hair cut :p  do you love Gulab jamun' s!!?  It was my friends birthday and look at her! she looks like a duck! squeezed. weekends, rain, friends, street food!!  After all that, met a very famous comedian bharathi, Just couldn't stop laughing.  And a day with mom at beach.  followed by Buddies and Ice-Cream. yumm!! By the way, am on instagram too @sreebindu. Just saying !! xoxo

friends, foodies & some fun-time.

This is how, the Menu looks at Euphoria Restaurant. Vizag. ;) Some-times in a month, me & my buddies have decided to find new tastes and explore the new unknown places in our own city vizag.  So tell me do u like discovering new places and new tastes in your city?  If you are from vizag, my city, try 'euphoria' at sampath vinayak temple road.  Kind of classy and affordable. perfect place to plan a date with live band :D xoxo

It feels Good.

"Roads have never been so lonely, Smiles have never been so brighter, you are someone, who has filled in the blank space, The Company was joyful with out a choice".

Me & life - Past Few Weeks!

When it's almost week-end & you just look back, to see how was the last few days?. I realize having serious current cuts, frustrating Bandh's in my city (Vizag), Work and yet some precious time to spend with buddies. Inc-case ur on Instagram @sreebindu xoxo

Un-Expected Moments ;)

Vizag's beach, looks breathtaking. some precious time spent always makes good memories my buddy raakhi and me, partying! blueskies stressbusters happy week-ends rains and kulfi's unexpected words..he..he.. Unexpected moments :) xoxo

Little Instant sparkles in Life ;-)

New ring to the collection :)) check out my new nose ring! like it?? New Stilettos to my collection. Sexy rains in vizag - my city :) sampenga puvvulu, off the smell!! My ganesh chaturthi celebration :)) New DOST's!! the cutest puppy in the crowd. some street chat!! spicy, yum Indian food and india hard working lady rocks!!
Some instant moments in life, that actually bring in the meaning; Life :)) Have a sexy weekend. xoxo

(all images @sreebindu instagram)

Crafts & Animals!

Right from, aruku valleys coffee House :)
I Wish, i could be able to show u the, decadent; irresistible coffee made chocolates. The camera wasn't permitted inside. By the time am out, the chocolates were in my tummy!! :p

P.S : If you are new to my blog, you should know that., this week am writing all about my quick trip to Aruku Valley. Here are some of the posts.  In case u missed! xoxo

(images by me.)

The Power of Yellow.

For me yellow color just resembles; the bright smile of Sun. The above series of colour is picked from random pictures @ of my recent trip to arukuvalley. It was bright, beautiful and spectacular; thoughts u wanna wake up to are magical:)).  Colours, just full fill our life with Good signs.  xoxo

(images by me.)