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Friday Favorite's

a cup of chai with mom. The time i spent was precious yummy grapes. My friends new peacock golden ring on my hand! The plain muffin am addicted to from food-ex Sharing with you the small precious moments that i enjoyed a lot.  In case u didn't know am on Instagram @sreebindu.  wishing you a Dreamy Week-end. xoxo
(images by me.)

Sometime's on a Sunday.

The Rose in my garden says, You fall in love only once, You make love only once, You really fight only once, You heart is broken only once, You decide only once. Rest, leave it to destiny!. xoxo

(images by me.)

Last Weekend's long Trip.

That was a really long weekend and this is a long post, bare me.!! Just wanna let you know the moments i enjoyed at my best. These weekend breaks, are actually filling up the fuel in me and pumping the dream that i have never spoken or shared. Right now loads & loads of refreshing inspiration is pushing me to full fill my dream; to be the best  and explore new spaces. Right Now enjoying the musical energy that is pumping in my heart. More exciting things on the way! stay tuned. have a pleasant day :) xoxo

(all images by me.)


Now you know, the last expression that meant in my last post. We all had so much fun this new year at the beach in my city. Started dancing in the beach, then followed by loads of delicious yummy delicacies and expression in the last post is when they were eating my brain, asking let's get back to beach. PS: how did u welcome & celebrate this new year?  xoxo 

(image credits: last but one by sissy. rest all by me.)