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It Generally happens, when my sis is back home for holidays and i become the dummy before her cam.! xoxo

(all images by InduSree)

Bits of my week.

A view from Kailash Giri Hill in my city Vizag. Akka south indian break-fast. I am sure you know the names! My New Car BLACKIE & New Flats. It was mom's B'day :). March 13th. Some Munching. Beach art. What better combo in life than corn and Beach. Have a lovely week-end. xoxo

(all images by me.)


For the first time, ever in my life, i tried a flavored Martini :p. Roses for mom's B'day & My Pretty Payal. Me in a weird mood!. Fresh mint & New ear tops. In-case you are Instagram, am on the handle @sreebindu Wishing you a Sexy Week-end :) xoxo

(all images by me.)

Sometime's on a Sunday.

Feel good things that i wake up to every day :). The above green leaf is called Tulasi and the dark purple one is the krishna Tulasi. It is high in its good medicinal properties. Every day in the morning if a leaf is consumed with one glass of water, they say, the immunity power in the body increases.  and of course if you are a regular visitor over my blog you would know i have 2 pets, the above one is july and the other one is tiger. If you are a pet lover like me, hop over to this post. have a great day! xoxo

(all images by me.)