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Showing posts from September, 2013

Un-Expected Moments ;)

Vizag's beach, looks breathtaking. some precious time spent always makes good memories my buddy raakhi and me, partying! blueskies stressbusters happy week-ends rains and kulfi's unexpected words..he..he.. Unexpected moments :) xoxo

Little Instant sparkles in Life ;-)

New ring to the collection :)) check out my new nose ring! like it?? New Stilettos to my collection. Sexy rains in vizag - my city :) sampenga puvvulu, off the smell!! My ganesh chaturthi celebration :)) New DOST's!! the cutest puppy in the crowd. some street chat!! spicy, yum Indian food and india hard working lady rocks!!
Some instant moments in life, that actually bring in the meaning; Life :)) Have a sexy weekend. xoxo

(all images @sreebindu instagram)